Crossfit Games 2011 Northeast Regional

My name is Bryce Boratko.  I created this blog in an effort to provide some rather easy to understand information regarding food, and a healthy lifestyle.  I grew up a multi-sport athlete and developed a love for cooking.  After going to culinary school at Johnson & Wales University where I received degrees in cooking and nutrition, I spent some time in some high end restaurants.  I have cooked at a Michelin rated restaurant in Northern Italy. I have been the Sous chef at one of Rhode Islands most acclaimed restaurants.  I had the amazing opportunity to cook twice at the James Beard House in NYC, as well as many opportunities to cook along side and work for some of the most talented cooks and chefs I know.  I had spent roughly 10 years professionally learning my craft and then decided to combine my two interests on the relationship between fitness and food.  Through this combination, I was led to the sport and competition of Crossfit.  Most people will associate Crossfit with the Paleo diet.  I however, do not necessarily prescribe strict Paleo.  I agree with it, however, as long as it is natural I will usually eat it with the exception of grain products.  This would be considered by definition, more of a primal diet.

Veal Chop, Celery Root, Eggplant Sauce,Chanterelle Mushroomms

My passion for fitness, food, nutrition and the outdoors come together here, all of which are closely related.  Maybe not so much today as the past before industrialization however, that is when we were healthier.  When people had to hunt and grow their own food, do you think they had problems with cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis?  No, they were active and relatively fit because they didn’t sit behind a desk all day and eat donuts and fast food.  This is my effort to provide insight into a healthier lifestyle reducing the risk for sickness and disease.