I was at Whole Foods the other day in the section where I usually find marrow bones, oxtail, liver and that sort of thing.  They happened to stockpile quite a bit of beef suet, so I stocked up!  I can’t remember the price but it was less than a dollar per pound.   Healthy fats are essential to our diet whether you are an athlete of not, they are what keep you sane!  Suet is the hard fat in this case, from a cow.  When the hide is removed, this is the fat that surrounds the loins in abundance.  It can also be found around organs as well, though, not nearly as much.  If the suet is from a grass-fed cow, you can’t really get much healthier than that.  If not, try to make sure that bovine from which you obtained your suet, was not injected with growth hormone and antibiotics.  This is a source of fat that if grass-fed, has a good balance of omega 6 to omega 3 ratio, plus the saturated fat and cholesterol that we NEED in our diet in order to keep our engine running properly!  For those of you who like to mess around in the kitchen and experiment, give this a shot.  It is cheaper than butter and every bit as tasty and healthy!  When rendered, it will be able to sustain high heat cooking as well for methods like sauteing, frying and roasting.

Start by chopping your suet into small pieces, removing any blood or meat that may be contained.  Then throw it all into a pot and turn on the heat!  This takes a little while over medium heat (depending on your stove).

As it renders, give it a stir every once in a while and break up the chunks of fat if possible.

This took a few hours because I was in and out of the kitchen then at the gym to coach classes.  When finished and all the fat has rendered, you will end up with relatively clear fat along with some of the product which is not fat.  This should be removed or strained off.  Now, let the fat cool enough so that it is still liquid but not scalding hot.  Ladle or carefully pour into your storage containers.  If you now have an abundance, i would suggest storing most in the freezer in a well sealed container!

I know this may take a while and you’re probably wondering why you would spend this time for fat.  Trust me, this will last you quite a while!  I ended up with close to four pounds.